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Gaming and Pop Culture Curriculum Vitae...

A child of the 80's, I grew up with Atari 2600's, Nintendo Entertainment Systems, Astroboy, Thundercats, Technoman and Super Nintendo. Oh, and for some reason Mousetrap stands out too. That board game I don;t think I ever played properly, but just set up the pieces and would trigger the trap for minutes of fun. 

As far as the old maxim goes, 'Boys don't grow up, they just get bigger' I can happily report I have maintained it's truth. I still buy figures, video games and watch lots of Anime. Unlike many anime fans however, I know that things didn't start with Death Note or Cowboy Bebop. 

Travel Experience... 

I was a relatively late traveller, first leaving the country in 2007 for two weeks in Japan. Since then however I have returned to Japan almost annually, lived in Edinburgh for a year, travelled around Europe and seen the sights of Singapore and Thailand. On returning from Europe I began a short and eye opening career in retail travel before extracting myself in favour of a degree in communications and currently work in an office doing things not related to, or aided by, my degree. 

I will be sharing some of my experiences, particularly around Japan and the inner workings of the Travel industry, in my blog and they should hopefully be of some value to someone. 

I am shortly travelling to Bali for a week in my first ever 'Flop and Drop' holiday and will be creating some content around that. Even more exciting, I will be heading to Seoul and Sapporo in February and will be covering that, with particular attention to the 2017 Sapporo Snow Festival. 

Techno Boffin' Stuff...

Since this is getting longer then I expected in the last two items I'll keep this short. I buy too many techno boffin gadgets like the Gear 360 camera, Fitbits, HTC Vive VR, AU$250 keyboards and all that junk. I will make videos about these to try and make YouTube Money to pay them off. 

Especially that fucking HiSense TV which is the bane of my existence. Ask Sarah.

Foodie items...

Who doesn't like food? 


You're not a Nazi are you?