Shroud of the Avatar - Gold for the people

Shroud of the Avatar - Gold for the people

Two months are nearly passed in Shroud of the Avatar's land of Novia. 

It's been a turbulent ride so far with many ups and too many downs. One of the most widespread 'downs' is the economic imbalance that so far has left the majority of players with a vastly disproportionate share of the wealth generated in the game. 

There are several factors that can be attributed as significant causes of imbalance, not the least of which is the 'Premium Currency' Gold Crowns of the Obsidian which provide the pressure of real currency on the evaluation of goods and services. .

This is not a post about the debate.

This is a post about relief. 

A 15 minute run in Middle Downs to gain 1200gp on average.

My adventurer level is 42 and this run is possible once you have completed the quests currently available thanks to the heavy injections of pooled EXP they provide. 

Abuse this information and start living the life you deserve in Novia.